Plenary approves international agreement for container safety

Plenary approves international agreement for container safety

The International Agreement approving the text of the 1972 International Convention for the Safety of Containers, adopted at an International Conference held in London, United Kingdom, on December 2, 1972, was approved in Plenary. Draft Legislative Decree (PDS) 152 / 2018 follows for promulgation.

According to the text, signed by the Brazilian government in 1992, the purpose of the agreement is to establish standardized structural requirements in order to guarantee the safe handling, stacking and transport of containers during their normal operation.

In the opinion of the Committee on External Relations (CRE), senators pointed out the advantages of using the container in the international transport of cargoes, such as the reduction of handling and shipping costs; protection of merchandise, decrease in packaging expenses; reduction in the cost of insurance; organization of storage areas; elimination of the need for covered places for their stay; and increased space available for cargo on ships.

Source: Senate